The Walking Dead Survivors Mod APK 5.0.3 (Unlimited money)

The Walking Dead: Survivors The Walking Dead: Survivors is the most famous version in the The Walking Dead: Survivors series of publisher Galaxy Play Technology Limited
Galaxy Play Technology Limited
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Apr 11, 2023
Unlimited money
Android Android Strategy
4.5 ( 451 ratings )
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The Walking Dead series is one of the highest-grossing shows of all time. It’s based off a popular comic of the same name. But the TV series now have 10 seasons which started in 2010. If you’re a huge fan of the show, then you should play The Walking Dead Survivors now! This is a strategy survival game with characters from the show and a lot of survival aspects.

It’s a mobile game where you will need to constantly survive because the world is overrun by Walkers or zombies. You’ll need find and build a base where you can protect yourselves against zombies. You’ll follow along the story of a man desperate to survive. Here, you will meet iconic characters from the show such as Rick, Glenn and Michonne. You’ll try to gather as many survivors as possible as you fight hordes of zombies!

Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

If you’ve been watching shows and movies for the past years, you’ll notice that a lot of them are about zombies. This has become the trend over the years as with mobile games. But if you’re looking for a mobile game based on a poplar zombie TV show, then you are lucky! The Walking Dead Survivors is a game based on the popular series The Walking Dead. Although there have been official games on this series, this one is a bit different.

Here, you’ll follow the story of an ordinary survivor and his quest of gathering other survivors he can find. Although you will not play the part of a popular character from the show, you’ll be able to cross paths with some of them. You’ll eventually meet Rick, Glenn and Michonne as you find other survivors. Aside from that, you’ll lead the survivors as you’re in charge of strategizing everything. You will then need to explore uncharted lands, fight walkers, search for survivors and build a camp. You’ll also need to keep an eye on other people as they can backstab you!

The Walking Dead Survivors Capabilities

Do you enjoy fighting against zombies and surviving? In The Walking Dead Survivors, you’ll fight walkers, find other survivors and meet famous characters.

Explore uncharted locations – There are official The Walking Dead games today that you can play. But the only downside is that they are entirely story-based and they are similar to the popular series. But if you want to play a multiplayer one, The Walking Dead Survivors is the game to play. Here, you’ll need to go on uncharted territories in search of survival items and even survivors. There will be a lot different locations that you can reach and loot. But the most important thing is that you build your own base safe from the Walkers.

Fight Walkers – If you’ve watched the show, you’ll realize that they call the zombies Walkers. They are characterized as slow-moving creatures that will eat the flesh of anyone living and turn them into the undead. Here in this game, you’ll encounter a lot of Walkers especially when you go to unknown lands. You’ll also see a lot of Walkers surrounding your base and trying to get it. But if you have walls and fortify it, you can virtually create a stronghold. But if things get worse, you’ll need to fight the zombies as a group and get out of harm’s way. These zombies are dangerous creatures so you’ll need to kill them swiftly to avoid casualties on your group. But if it’s possible, you should avoid any confrontation with them!

Search for Survivors – One of your goals in The Walking Dead Survivors is to search for survivors. You can use the radio to find and recruit survivors into your group. This is because the more people you have on your side, the better you can fight the zombies! However, you should be cautious always as there are humans who can be a threat to your group as a whole. Choose your allies carefully here as you don’t know who will turn on you! But in every situation, your priority is to rescue survivors!

Build a camp and a clan – The most important thing to secure early on is your camp. Here, you’ll need to slowly build a camp using the help of other survivors. As you slowly grow in numbers, your camp will slowly expand as well. Try to put up different buildings that will help you become self-sufficient such as farms, clinics, houses and more.

Story-based graphics – The Walking Dead Survivors is a vertical game that allows you to see the game in a top-side view.

Download The Walking Dead Survivors Mod APK – Unlimited money

If you want to survive in a zombie apocalypse, download The Walking Dead Survivors now and enjoy!

1. Optimizations for Last One Standing.
2. Adjusted matchmaking in Survivors At War.
3. Anniversary editions of Supply Fever, Regional Purchase Club and Double Supply.
4. Anniversary edition of Wheel Of Prosperity.
5. Anniversary Login Rewards.
6. Lucille's Game.
7. Added a War Declaration function.
8. Other Adjustments

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