Idle Streamer Tycoon Mod APK 1.31.1 (Unlimited money)

Idle Streamer - Tuber game Idle Streamer - Tuber game is the most famous version in the Idle Streamer - Tuber game series of publisher Wazzapps global limited
Wazzapps global limited
 79.4 MB
Total installs n/a
Apr 11, 2023
Unlimited money
Android Android Simulation
4.5 ( 508 ratings )
Price: $0

We live in a society that it’s fine to be at home today due to the pandemic. Because of this, we’ve become creative in finding ways to make money online. Today, people are making money online through dropshipping, writing blogs, doing reviews, making YouTube channels and streaming. People doing these jobs have the best life since they enjoy what they’re doing and making money doing it! But did you know that can also earn in Idle Streamer Tycoon!

Just by streaming yourself playing your favorite and trending games, you can increase your viewer and subscriber count here. Make your path to stardom today by enjoying streaming to get lots of likes and donations! Earn enough money to upgrade your equipment from the keyboard to the CPU to the monitor! Decorate your room with the latest designs and state of the art systems.

Make Money Online

Do you see numerous people today slowly changing their lives by making money online? This is a real phenomenon today brought upon by the advancement of technology. With the internet, anything is possible today with determination and creativity. Just look at the world’s billionaires today such as Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk and Bill Gates, all of them took advantage of the internet! Now, anyone can also make it big on the internet by doing a variety of things such as streaming.

In Idle Streamer Tycoon, you get to enjoy the world of streaming starting from zero. This game was published by Wazzaps and it’s an extremely addictive simulation game. The premise is simple, you just need to go from zero to millions of subscribers and views! The way to do this is to stream endlessly everyday and even replying to your subscribers in here. Then, as you earn more money, you can buy new equipment which can improve your earnings here!

Enjoy upgrading different devices such as your computer, headset, mouse, microphone, monitor, chair, table and many more. You can earn a lot from donations in the game.

Highlights of Idle Streamer Tycoon

Are you intrigue by the world of streamers? Enjoy living like one in Idle Streamer Tycoon today!

Earn Money by Streaming Games – We no longer live in a world where we have to scramble every time to make money. Today, we have the power to earn money just by sitting in front of the computer all day. Thanks to the internet, this has become entirely possible now. You can work as a virtual assistant, blog, do affiliate marketing, start an online shop, and even stream! In Idle Streamer Tycoon, you will start from the bottom and make your way to the top as a popular tuber!

Become the biggest gaming streamer the world has ever seen in this game. Before that, you first need to work with what you have which means having a beatdown PC, an uncomfortable chair and 0 subscribers! As you stream every day, eventually, you’ll earn money from donations that you can use to upgrade your equipment. Buy the latest equipment and earn more money. You can also change your clothes now and do tons of improvements!

Earn views and subscribers – Everyone has the ability to make it out of poverty today thanks to the internet. However, you need to work hard before you can make your goals a reality in Idle Streamer Tycoon. Here, you’ll start with nothing in your name not even a subscriber. But as you stream every single day, you’ll slowly be recognized as you gain more viewers. Don’t rest for a day if you want to make it to the top!  

Upgrade your room and equipment – In this game, you can get money from donations of other people as you stream trending games. Make money from your gaming vlog today by playing the best games. You can then make more money by upgrading your equipment. You can upgrade various ones such as your mouse, headphone, keyboard, chair, microphone, computer, webcam, monitor, and more.

You’re also able to upgrade your lifestyle here. You can change clothes, hairstyles, beards, glasses, watches, gloves and many more. The more you upgrade, the more money you can earn passively today!

Improve your room – Aside from your clothing and equipment, you can also upgrade your room here. You can buy gaming consoles, games, antistress toys, buy cosmo posters, nario toys and many more! You can also change your locations to get an incredible studio.

Download Idle Streamer Tycoon Mod APK – Unlimited money

Do you love streaming? Enjoy making money today in Idle Streamer Tycoon and stream all you want.

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