Cats and Soup Mod APK 2.9.0 (Unlimited Money)

Cats & Soup - Cute idle Game Cats & Soup - Cute idle Game is the most famous version in the Cats & Soup - Cute idle Game series of publisher HIDEA
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Apr 9, 2023
Unlimited Money
Android Android Simulation
4.8 ( 974 ratings )
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Would you like to play a game that has cats as the main characters, running a soup-making business and earning your unlimited money? Download the Cats and Soup game from Google Play Store today. In this incredible simulation game by HIDEA, you will surely enjoy a fun game where you can assist the cats to cook.

At your disposal, you will have a dozen cute cats who will be preparing delicious soup. This is actually the main task of the game. You will cut, chop, and boil various ingredients to make soup using cat chefs! You will also be tasked with decorating a home for cats with the best furniture and household items that are attractive and unique.

This game presents cats of different breeds. For each breed, you have to come up with as well as select a dress for each of your cats to stand out! The game is very simple to play since you will only need to interact freely with the cat and use them to implement your own business ideas.

Cook Together With the Cats

In the Cats and Soup game, the main idea is combining foods and coming up with new recipes for a variety of delicious foods. Chop vegetables, add meat, make the best soup and sell it for a good profit.

With the earned unlimited money, you can make new hires and cat accessories that boost profits and overall productivity. Don’t hesitate to decorate the cathouse, relieve the cats’ stress, and enjoy this interesting and leisurely gameplay.

Make sure that you help the cats fulfill their wishes. Be there to make more food and soups for sale and make more in-game money! Without a doubt, players will enjoy many happy hours or the gameplay in this game with cute cats. That is because there are many activities such as camping in the forest together, collecting various ingredients, cooking, and more.

Cats and Soup Game Highlights

Download the Cats and Soup Game and enjoy the following features. Come and play with the cat now!

Make the Best Soup – as the name of the Cats and Soup game suggests, gamers will interact with cats and help them make delicious soups. At the beginning of this simulation adventure, you will only have one cat.

The cat interferes with something in a huge cauldron and pours it into some plates. This is the very first version of the soup. However, the soup turns out to be lean and not satisfying because of a lack of ingredients.

To correct this annoying result, you will hire more cats and use them in making improvements in the quality of soups. You also need to purchase more ingredients to make the soup sweeter. Impress your customer with the best variety of soups, make them come once more, and keep earning money!

Note that your cats will get tired while cooking. Therefore, they need to rest. To help them rest, you must build a unique recreation area where the cats will go and replenish their energy.

Different Types of Soups – Cats and Soups is an extremely fun game where you cook various types of soups depending on the ingredients you have at your disposal. Besides, the game also allows you to can unlock several types of soups.

Cooking is fun and you will definitely enjoy lots of fun things related to cooking in this game. Although you don’t prepare the food and soups yourself, you will still enjoy watching the cats do it.

In the course of the game, you can win unique prizes in form of gold coins and keep on doing many exciting things in the game. You can also sell dishes and keep on adding new facilities. Develop new recipes and cook more expensive dishes!

Use More Items and Sell More – in this game, gamers will use various things and artifacts to make soups and sell more profitably. For example, players can put a hat on a cat character and even speed up the growth of carrots by 20%.

Further, a sunflower increases the price of a grilled radish by 10% while you can also speed up juice production by 20 percent. In addition, you can take your cats to a headdress and obtain clothes and accessories. 

With all these extra items, you will make more soup and dishes and sell more with a lot of efficiency!

Stunning Graphics and Sound – the CATS b& SOUP game provides the user with nice graphics and electrifying sound designs. Although you can decide to just watch as things unfold in the simulation and do nothing, you can watch funny cats perform all the activities.

Also, you will experience the change of night and day during gameplay and enjoy pleasant music. For example, the player will hear crickets at night, and birds singing during the day.

Make Cat Homes Better – the soup selling business in this game gives you an opportunity to make unlimited in-game money. In turn, you can utilize this money to upgrade the cat’s living space! Moreover, you can create outdoor relaxation spots and more!

Download Cats and Soup Mod APK – Unlimited Money

You will earn unlimited money in the Cats and Soup Mod APK free purchase. With unlimited money, you can buy a variety of items and improve your small business. Unlock more items with unlimited money!

[2.9.0 Update]
- Cherry Blossom Dice Game added
- 1 new cat look added
- 2 new facilities added
- Time Capsule Shop added
- Limited-time packages added
- Other bug fixes and performance improvements added

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